Monday, March 10, 2014

You Have Been Warned!!!

I am here to send all of you young people a message. I am here to warn you, and protect you. I am here to share with you my mistakes and experience so you all don't do the same thing. Learn from me. Don't let things get this out of hand. Don't let ANYONE or ANYTHING hold you back. Do what YOU want, not what someone else want you to do. But make sure you do the right thing. Please don't hurt anyone in the process of doing what you want. Do be a dictator. Don't be a Big Brother. If you get power, don't let it go to your head. Remember the Golden Rule, "One should treat others as one would like others to treat one self. Would you like it if someone told you that you can't get chips, wear the brands you love, and listen to music? No, you wouldn't. So don't that to other people. Be selfless. Also, don’t do anything “foolish” or something you know you shouldn’t. “Think before you do.” Not thinking or not using common sense is probably the number one reason people take freedom and privileges away. Obey laws, but don’t let the law get out of hand. Stand up for yourself!

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Our Responsibilities to Preserve Our Privacy

What are our responsibilities to preserve our privacy? We have to stand our ground. Show the government that they can't control what we do. We need to stick together. We can't sell each other out like how Winston tried to sell me out to O'Brien, telling him to torture me instead of himself. Us as a society can't do that. We can't break down and let the government, dictator, who is in charge take over our minds and control EVERYTHING we do. The Party tore Winston and I apart. Destroyed all feelings we had for each other. Why did they do that? Because they thought it was okay. They want to keep power. They did it for them. When the wrong person gets power, they take advantage of it. In 1984, the wrong people had power. Now we have the chance to choose who gets power and how much he can and can't do in some cases. We have to make the right choices into who we allow to get in office or to give power to. We have much more freedom now. We actually can make a difference. So you ask me what are our responsibilities to preserve our privacy? Make our voice heard. Tell the "man" they can't live out lives. Put the right people in charge. Now we actually can make a difference and do what we want. We have a voice. There is hope. Freedom isn't slavery. Two and two doesn't make five. God is power.

Friday, February 28, 2014

Privacy...What Privacy?

In 1984, it was thought to be no privacy at all. Big Brother was "watching" our every move. Nothing was secret. If you did one wrong move, you we're in big trouble. But what about today's privacy. Today's privacy is better in my opinion then in 1984. Today you have much more freedom. They aren't watching your every move.  There's traffic light cameras, surveillance cameras, and airport security. But if you think about is, all of those precautions are for our safety. Also the government isn't putting cameras at every corning and arresting you just because of your thoughts. Today we have the Bill of Rights on our sides. The government isn't telling us we can't have sex, own a gun, or disagree with their laws. As far as I know the government doesn’t read or emails, listen to our phone calls, or monitor our text messages. However, if they did they don’t let you know they do. They don’t do anything about it, anything drastic anyway. We aren’t monitored 24/7 unless we did something wrong or proven to need monitoring and surveillance. The government gives us freedom and space unlike the Party in 1984. So overall today’s privacy is not an issue compared to back in 1984.

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

The Benefits of Propaganda...


What are the benefits of propaganda? There aren't any. Think about it. Look at the picture for example, it is a picture of a creepy man staring at us, telling us he's watching us. This is what propaganda is all about? Making everyone live in fear? How does this benefit us? It doesn't. This is a selfish attempt the Party use to keep power over us. But the sad this is that it works. Some people are pulled into following this stuff because they are scared. The Party is wrong for doing this. Using something like propaganda in a negative annotation. Me on the other hand, I'm not scared of it. I have enough sense to know that there is no way that the Party is really watching us all the time. They don't know what I'm doing. But I don't really want to rebel against this propaganda/fear tactics the Party is creating. I just like having fun and outsmarting the Party. The Party isn't going to dictate what I do. So overall what are my opinions of propaganda? It could be good if used properly and nicely. But sadly, the Party is using it to take over.This is why I am against propaganda.